Poetry The World We Live In

If l Start Talking About It Now I Won’t Stop Hollering

A man once told me sweetness
was the highest quality a woman

could own then put my name
down as Trouble in his phone…


I’ll need more than May

 Love to add to my reading list, but I’m not sure I can even pencil these in for May…

The World We Live In trivial

Meatballs and Coffee! Not a bad legacy…

King Charles XII, who died in 1718 when he was shot in the head while attacking Danish-occupied Norway, is also considered responsible for importing and popularising the Turkish habit of drinking coffee…


I’ve been so lonesome I made Hank Williams

“…Look like a party of five
I’ve been beat up, broke down
Loaded on a truck and driven into town
I always thought she’d be there at the end of the line”