More Simple Steps

More Simple Steps


Stop Training Police Like They’re Joining the Military

“Many police recruits enter the academy as idealists, but this kind of training turns them into cynics, even before their first day on patrol.”

“As the protesters pouring into the streets are reminding the nation, police in the United States kill roughly 1,000 people a year, a per capita rate of violence unparalleled in other democratic countries. Relative to their representation in the overall population, a disproportionate number of those killed by U.S. police have been black- or brown-skinned.”

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Americans disapprove of Trump response to George Floyd death and protests, polls find

“Dallas Chief of Police Renee Hall implemented a new order late Thursday night compelling officers “to either stop, or attempt to stop, another employee when force is being inappropriately applied or is no longer required,” the department says.”

Meanwhile in Minneaoplis:

“The police chief said the contract needs to be restructured to provide more transparency and flexibility for true reform. The review would look at matters such as critical incident protocols, use of force, and disciplinary protocols including grievances and arbitration.”

“We out of order, your honor, you’re out of order
This whole court is unimportant, you fuckers are walkin’ corpses”

The moment you fall in love with a band you’ve never heard before…

Medieval church rules against marrying close relatives broke down strict, long-standing kinship structures, paving the way for a more individualistic modern Western society. In September 506 C.E., the fathers of what would later become the Roman Catholic Church gathered in southern France to draw up dozens of new laws. […]

How the early Christian church gave birth to today’s WEIRD Europeans

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 Love to add to my reading list, but I’m not sure I can even pencil these in for May…

The 12 gripping science fiction and fantasy novels you need to check out this May

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Slate’s podcast Slow Burn , an engrossing dive into the Watergate scandal that eventually prompted President Richard Nixon to resign. The series prompted me to pick up a book that has been on my to-read list for nearly four years: , by Austin Grossman.

King Charles XII, who died in 1718 when he was shot in the head while attacking Danish-occupied Norway, is also considered responsible for importing and popularising the Turkish habit of drinking coffee…

‘My whole life has been a lie’: Sweden admits meatballs are Turkish

Turks have reacted with undisguised glee to what many have described as an official – and certainly long overdue – confession from Stockholm that Sweden’s signature national dish is, in fact, Turkish. “Those famous Swedish meatballs you get in Ikea are actually Turkish, admits Swedish government,” tweeted TRT World, Turkey’s publicly funded international television news channel.

“…Look like a party of five I’ve been beat up, broke down Loaded on a truck and driven into town I always thought she’d be there at the end of the line”